I Just Threw up a Little Bit

29 Jan

I played in the $8k Guaranteed Pot Limit Hold ’em tourney last night. It’s “Double Guarantee” week On Full Tilt this week, so this tourney (held each night at midnight Pacific) normally has a guaranteed prize pool of $4,000. What does this all mean? $24 from each player’s buy-in goes to the prize pool and this tourney in particular had 253 entrants… so that should yield a prize pool of 253 x $24 = $6072… but $8,000 is guaranteed, so Full Tilt had to shell out an extra $1,928 and add it to the pool of money that the player’s were competing for… me like.

I registered about 15 mins late, so I had to wait until I got in the big blind… but it started off with a blast… I got dealt QQ in the first hand. It folded around to the small blind and he raised pot. I re-potted (re-raised the pot limit) and he called… the flop landed:



The small blind checked, so I made a continuation bet of 360 (1/2 the pot) to not look so suspicious, hoping he held an ace. And then the small blind did the unexpected… check raised me the pot limit! Alrighty then, let’s get it all in 🙂

He turned over Ac 9c for top pair and the nut flush draw. He hit his flush on the turn and I could not re-draw to the full house, so that first hand knocked me down to 550 (from a starting stack of 3,000). Ugh…

But I hung in there, stayed patient, stole some blinds in key spots and tripled up to 1,600 after two key pots… one that was limped to me in the big blind with 53… the board ran out 9393A on that one. Another was min-raised to me in the big blind when I held QJ and I hit two pair on the turn to take that one.

Soon after, I won a key race (AK > TT) to get back to my starting chip stack. I slipped down to 1,900, but doubled up again (AQ > K7).

Then I went on a major heater…

I chipped up to 11,000 when me and my opponent got it all-in pre-flop… AA > AK.

I was up to 18,000 not too long after that w/ TT, JTs (loose/aggressive opponent bluffed into my set of tens on the river) and QQ… all against that same player who had built up a huge stack early on.

I was up to 27,700 not too long after that when I flopped a set of kings on an all-club board… KK > K7.

And up to 32,600 when my AA held on to defeat KK on a 4-heart board (we both held a heart). This AA hand occurred only 25 minutes after the previous AA hand, so I was getting the deck handed to me on a silver platter here.

It gets better…

AA about 7 minutes later… up to 34,600.

AA > AQ, all-in pre-flop about 25 minutes later… up to 54,200. I believe I was the chip leader by this point with about 90 players remaining (we started with 253).

I did not play the typical big-stack-bully style… but generally laid low until I was dealt a premium hand. I got up to 64k with KK > AJ.

I pretty much waltzed to the final table after that… didn’t get dealt much, but stayed out of harm’s way for the most part. I entered the final table with 47k in chips, good for 6th best, just about even with the 7th place guy.

On about the 25th hand of the final table I got dealt Ad Kd… the short stack raised on the button and I re-raised all-in. I had him well covered, but this was a critical hand for me… I’m tied for 3rd in chips if I win and am the short stack down to 25k if I lose.

The short stack called with KQo… YES! Fist pump… please hold… no queens!!

The flop came:



I could not spike an ace or jack on the turn or river, so this hand left me as the short stack.

With the blinds getting high, I shoved my last 17k about 10 hands later with Kd6d… the small and big blind called. I got knocked out by K4 when the board ran out: 76953

I earned $200 for my effort… but oh, what could have been. Tourneys often come down to that one “make or break” hand. Case in point… the guy whose tourney life was on the line with KQ against my AK went on to take first place for $2,000… yes, two-thousand! Pardon me, but I think I just threw up a little bit 😦

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