PAS… Wtf?

27 Feb

With a home purchase on the horizon (hurray), not much to report this month in terms of my activity on the virtual felt. I’m down a little on the Omaha tables thanks to a rough outing one night on a $0.25/$0.50 PLO Hi/Lo table. I took a stab in FTOPS XIX, Event 39 ($216 entry, Limit Omaha Hi/Lo) on Feb 19… and got absolutely annhilated in that one. I flopped trip aces against one guy (with a king kicker), only to have him hit a full house on the turn w/ A8xx. And I got quartered in another pot holding the nut low… just was not my night.

But the biggest news this month in terms of poker is the poor support I’m getting from Poker Affiliate Solutions (PAS). I signed up with them in mid-January to become a “publisher”. What does that mean? In a nutshell, I get paid by PAS if I recruit a new player to sign up through them via my website. The money earned by PAS does not come from the player… it comes from the poker website.

For example, say you entered a tournament that had an $11 buy-in ($10 + $1). Ten bucks goes to the prize pool for the players to compete for, but one dollar is the fee (or rake) that goes to the poker site, such as Full Tilt Poker.

Under normal circumstances, Full Tilt keeps that dollar for general operating costs and profit. But PAS has a sweet deal going… when a player signs up through them, they get 35 cents from that dollar. And here’s the nice thing for the player… PAS gives 27 cents back to the player, keeping only 8 cents for themselves, again mostly for operating costs. PAS even has a $5,000 freeroll every month for new sign ups.

The 27 cents to the player is referred to as “rakeback”.

And me? As a publisher (or recruiter) for PAS, I get 3 cents from PAS, leaving them with 5 cents.

Full Tilt still makes out like a bandit, keeping 73 cents of that dollar, but they do give some of it back to the players over time with their IronMan promotion, “First Deposit” bonus and Full Tilt Points (for purchase of tournament tickets and merchandise). There are even more extras for very high volume players.

But I digress… where was I? Oh yes, PAS and their “support”… when I first signed up with them, I had links set up immediately for new players to click on various poker sites… Ultimate Bet, Cake, etc… but NOT Full Tilt. Here’s a thread I created on PAS’ forum yesterday:

I signed up w/ PAS on Jan 13. After not seeing a link to Full Tilt’s website on my rakeback page, I contacted PAS support and Cena (from PAS support) made me aware of the 2-step process that needed to be done. I took care of that on Jan 21 with the understanding it would take 5-10 business days (to get set up with a Full Tilt link).

On Feb 1, I asked for an update and Cena responded that “this entire process can take 14-21 business days.”

On Feb 7, I asked for another update and got this response… “We’re currently waiting on the next report from Full Tilt, so I would anticipate that once we receive that, barring any issues with your account, you should have your offer enabled.”

At this point, I’m thinking maybe there’s a problem with my affiliate account at Full Tilt, so I contacted them and told them the situation. On Feb 9, Kevin from FT’s Affiliate team responded… “I’m not sure what information PAS needs from us. Maybe they could contact us if they require certain information.”

Fast forward another two weeks… still nothing.

As of today (Feb 25), it’s now 6 weeks since I signed up with PAS and I still don’t have a link for Full Tilt.

Can someone please tell me what the heck is going on here? This is way beyond ridiculous.

Is this utter insanity or what? I’m hoping to get an answer from them soon as I have a $200 freeroll scheduled a week from today on March 6 at Full Tilt… if this does not get resolved soon, I will have to postpone the freeroll.

What a freakin’ pain in the ass this has become… I’ve told several people from my home game about this freeroll… it will suck balls and make me look like an idiot if I have to postpone this.

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