Happy 2012!

08 Jan

Good riddance, 2011! Last year will go down as one to forget for most poker players. But it’s a new year and some progress is being made on the online poker front. The Poker King posted an update to the Full Tilt situation this past week:

“ recently posted an interview with GBT (Groupe Bernard Tapie) lawyer Behnam Dayanim.

Dayanim clarified where GBT is currently at in the process of acquiring Full Tilt Poker, saying that GBT/FTP and the DoJ are currently “negotiating and memorializing a definitive agreement” that “essentially sets out all of the details surrounding the terms of the letter agreement.”

Once this agreement has been finalized, Full Tilt Poker’s assets will be forfeited to the DoJ, which will then turn around and sell them to Groupe Bernard Tapie.”

There are still some obstacles to overcome, but looks like players will be getting their money out of their Full Tilt account sometime in 2012. I also expect GBT to get the website up and running (for non-Americans) before June.

It also appears that there are too many opponents (politicians and casino owners, mainly) to online poker in the US, so I don’t expect Americans to be playing on PokerStars or Full Tilt until 2013 at the earliest… hope I’m wrong about that, however. It’s a shame because the governement is missing out on some income that they can desperately use in these tough economic times. I foresee that we’ll look back on this time many years from now and laugh at how ridiculous this has become.

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