Vegas, Baby!

14 Jun

It’s been a long while and so much going on, so let’s cut to the chase! I won a seat to the 2015 Main Event in a satellite tourney back in March… $450 entry… 27 players… winner take all. So surreal. I chipped up early with QQ (turned a set), then got whittled down to about my 300 chip starting stack entering the final table with less than 10 big blinds. The ride from there was a roller coaster as it usually is on the way to tournament victories.

All in with K8… called by Jim Baker’s A7.

All in with A6… called by Miles’ A8… chopped pot to stay alive.

All in with pocket tens… called by Miles’ A6… ACE on the flop!! No! A blank turn, but the river ten (2-outer) saved me.

Another key hand against Miles… I was in the big blind with 22… the board ran out K56K8. Miles made a smallish bet on the river, which smelled like he was begging for a call. Although the bet was small (300 into a pot of about 1200), I would have been left with less than 5 big blinds if I called and was wrong. I called… he had Q9. Phew!

I ran super hot when it got heads-up against Tien… got dealt JJ and TT… then finished it off with 33 versus K5… flopped a 3… Vegas, baby!

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