My name is Pete DeStefano and welcome to my poker journal. It seems like yesterday, but I’ve been playing online at Full Tilt Poker since October 2005. Poker is simply a game to me… maybe I could even call it a hobby… in other words, I play it for fun… and if I win a small amount of money, that’s great. And if I lose some, that’s fine too.

I play small stakes… in cash games, the blinds are typically $1 or less. And in tourneys, the buy-in is typically $26… I play one or two per month on average. I love multi table tourneys (MTT’s) with > 200 players, but it’s a somewhat significant time committment (> 4 hours to advance deep) that I usually cannot afford.

I started this blog to tell some of my poker-related stories… hope you enjoy.

I also have my own website… I occasionally host freerolls on Full Tilt Poker for new players who sign up through me, so check it out.


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