2019 WSOP

05 Jul

Just got back from Vegas and played 8 tournaments:

June 26 – 9 am Rio Deepstack for Seniors

June 26 – 1 pm Rio Deepstack (Started at 4 pm due to Flight A of the Colossus)

June 27 – Colossus (Flight B) *

June 28 – 2 pm Daily $1,500 Guarantee at the Rio Poker Room

June 29 – 2 pm Daily $1,500 Guarantee at the Rio Poker Room

June 30 – 5 pm Rio Deepstack (PLO)

July 2 – 1 pm Rio Deepstack

July 2 – 4 pm Rio Deepstack *

I min-cashed (*) in 2 of 8 for a net loss. There were a few hands that I butchered, but played ok overall. Two brutal suckouts ruined me in two tournaments.

I flopped bottom two pair with 24o from the big blind in the June 26 Deepstack that started at 4 pm… got it all-in for a 160k pot (we started with 20k) on the turn against AA with the board reading Q249 (two hearts)… a queen on the river knocked me out.

And in the June 28 tourney, I turned the nut flush with Ad Jd on a board reading Ts6d4dTd… we got it all-in… he held KT… a four on the river gave him a full house. That would have given me nearly 20% of the chips in play with 16 players remaining out of 33 or so. Ouch. That same player crippled me a few hands later when I raised pre-flop with TT. He 3-bet me small and I called… he then got a large call from me on a 993 flop. I folded when he fired again after a king landed on the turn. At that point, I could no longer beat AK. It seemed likely he had AA or KK, maybe AK, as he seemed to be a straightforward player… but ya never know.

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